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Writer in Residence is our annual, members only writing competition offering our members the opportunity to showcase their writing and win cash prizes and a paid writing retreat.

The Peninsula Writers’ Club connects, encourages and enriches amateur, aspiring and professional writers (and readers) across Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula and surrounds. 

Our mission is to actively promote and facilitate a vibrant literary voice, enhancing the skills of writers, and contributing to the creative culture and storytelling of the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding communities.  

Featured Stories

‘Happy Birthday’ by Kim Robyn Smith

  Paul led his blindfolded daughter, Emily by the hand out onto the porch. ‘Now watch your step,’ he said as he walked her carefully down the front stairs. ‘No peeking,’ he said as he guided Emily onto the driveway. Her high blonde ponytail swayed with each move....

‘Storm In A Bottle’ by Ann Roberts

Daniel knew what people would say: ‘He’s your father – of course he loves you!’ But why ‘of course’ was what Daniel thought? Perhaps once, when he was a dumb baby and an innocent child, but now! He loved his car because it was a Mercedes; he loved his house because it...

‘Dog’ by Ann Roberts

John had been like a specimen tree that grows in the middle of a lawn: strong, straight, and tall, and in no doubt that he would always be strong, straight, and tall. When he was growing up, he had always been picked first for teams. His powerful legs had carried him...

Peninsula Writers’ Club has been wonderful for me, a writer of stories and poems in my retirement. Stimulating to be with younger, like minded people listening to author talks over dinner and a glass of wine

Liz Hicklin

We welcome all writers, from beginners to the already-published, from novelists and bloggers to poets and journalists.

We promote and encourage the unique voice of writers of all abilities on the Mornington Peninsula and surrounds, and encourage connections and support in a safe environment.


The Peninsula Writers’ Club:

encourages writers in the creation of original works

fosters confidence and creativity through building connections, skills development and collaborations

forms a community of mutual support and fellowship based on creative endeavours.

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