We’re not just any old writing group – we are a community of emerging, and published writers who encourage each other to remain focussed, feel supported and challenged, and above all inspired to keep writing.

We’re about supporting while creating.

Ask questions, find answers

Find more space in your life to write with like-minded folk

Improve your writing with annual workshops

Local scribes, supportive vibes

It all started with two sentences: “Want to join my club? We have a membership of two.”

Peninsula Writers’ Club was formed in 2015 when, during a chance meeting between copywriter and children’s author  Andrea Rowe and food writer (with half a novel in her top drawer) Nikki Fisher shared how they were tired of commuting from the Southern Peninsula to Melbourne for writing workshops and speaking events. The two accidental Founders fast-tracked the “If we build it, they will come” model, and declared the first Peninsula Writers’ Club open over a dinner party style affair in local restaurant Bistro Elba.


We now gather regularly at Seawinds Community Hub for writing sessions, and workshops, and local cafes and venues for guest author talks.

A few mates turned up, and they bought some mates, who also invited some mates.

Word spread, the paper ran a story, and suddenly the Peninsula Writers’ Club was the most talked about happening since JK Rowling’s latest instalment of Harry Potter.

Copywriters, romance writers, children’s and YA writers, poets, journalists, aspiring writers, history and memoir writers, diary scribblers, dystopian, crime and horror writers, how-to guide book writers and those who didn’t know what they wanted to write but liked holding a pen were all coming out of the woodwork.


Today this motley group of community scribes is a thriving not-for-profit community group with over 110 paid members who come gather to compare notes, celebrate, commiserate and socialise.

We may come from different writing genres and life journeys, but we are all on the same page when it comes to a passion for writing.

Everyone who has stepped across the welcome mat of the Peninsula Writers’ Club has come back for more.

We’re thoroughly local scribes, offering supportive vibes.

Encouragement + support = community

Writers understand what other writers are going through. We create these characters – we love them, hate them and doubt them. We create their voices, their dialogue with others, their landscapes and their life.

That’s one big responsibility. Then there’s the creating, editing, submitting and all that nail biting – it’s a journey less lonely if it’s in company.

Getting together with like minded folks means they can pull you up by your bootstraps, wipe your worried brow, despair with you, celebrate with you, motivate and listen with practical advice and contemporary writing experience.

And you don’t need to travel beyond the Mornington Peninsula to find the company. We’re all right here, under your writing nose!

Peninsula Writers’ Club has provided me with a strong network of local writers to draw inspiration from and share knowledge with. Travelling into the city for writing events is not an option so this group is a Godsend.

– Julia Kaylock

Incorporated Status and inclusivity values

Peninsula Writers Club became an incorporated not for profit organisation in 2019. We ensure our gathering spaces are accessible venues for guests of all abilities, we ensure dietary diversity catering at cafes, we accept companion cards for workshops and writing days, and we provide a safe and respectful environment for all who join us. We value acceptance,  we don’t tolerate stigmatism and we welcome BIPOC, LGBTQIA folks, people with sensory, cognitive, acquired, intellectual and physical disabilities, and writers and guests from multicultural and Indigenous communities.

Photos will be taken at all PWC events and used to promote our activities with the wider community via social media, our website and electronic communication. Anyone who does not wish for their photo to be taken and/or used for these purposes is to inform a member of the Committee or the host of the event upon arrival.


  Auspices / Governance

We are a volunteer committee overseeing planning, delivery and communications:

President – Andrea Rowe. Vice President – Rebecca Fraser

Secretary – Karen Young. Treasurer – Carolyn Nicholson.

General Committee – Muriel Cooper and Rob Sutherland.

We work in partnership with regional initiatives with the Mornington Peninsula Shire, Frankston City and Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Library Services and our regional bookstores. 


Our Patron


Wendy Orr

We are indebted to the gracious patronage of Canadian born and Mornington Peninsula based author Wendy Orr. 

We think she is amazing, and millions of  world-wide readers think so too.

Wendy has provided welcome counsel,  wonderful inspiration and wise words to our gatherings over the years.

Like Peter Pan said “Everyone needs a Wendy in their life” (Sorry J.M Barrie, we may have taken a little poetic licence there).

Find out more about Wendy here  https://www.wendyorr.com/

Absolutely love the feeling of now being part of such a welcoming and supportive group of like-minded, creative and inspiring people! I have instantly gained more confidence, knowledge, encouragement and inspiration to continue to follow my dreams

Monique Cain

Our partners

We are grateful to our many venues for hosting our AuthorsUp wine, dine and author talk events when conditions allow.  When we host these events, we are writers coming together over a shared table and a passion for sharing our often solo writing journeys.

Our AuthorsUp events are currently on hold till COVID capacity restrictions ease. 

Our WriteIn writing meet-ups occur at Seawinds Community Hub every month and we are open to ongoing collaborations. 

 We also host events online for our members and take the ocassional road trip to other events. 


Thanks to our meet-up venues:-

Thanks to our book sellers:-

Where would a writer be without their bookshops? We are thankful to our local book sellers for their ongoing support of our events, and our publications. Booksellers of the Peninsula we thank you:-

The Peninsula Writers Club are an enterprising lot, with plans to keep sharing opportunities with the community. If you have an idea for a partnership or collaboration, we’d love to hear from you

9 + 11 =

Committed to community

We share the stories of the Peninsula, then and now.

Our members are proud supporters of numerous local events and initiatives such as


Words after Dark events at Antipodes

Author Talks at Farrells Bookstore

Visiting author activities at Rosebud Book Barn

Local primary schools when we have visiting children’s authors

Mornington Peninsula Shire Arts and Culture Activities

Frankston Arts Centre events

Connect with us at our next event


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