How to access the Peninsula Writers’ Club Members’ Area.

1. Navigate to the ‘Members’ Area’

Link located in the main menu bar of the website.

2. Logging in / lost password

Enter the username/email and password you supplied when you purchased your membership.

NOTE: if you have forgotten your password, click the ‘Lost your password?’ link under the login button (see image). You can then enter the email address connected to your membership and an email with a new password link will be sent to you within the next few minutes.

4. Member only access

You can now view your orders, subscription details, account details and access your public profile.

5. Account Details

By clicking on the ‘Account Details’ tab you can change your user name, email address and reset your password.

Updating payment details

1. Login to the Members’ Area

For full details on how to login see ABOVE.

2. In the Members’ Area, click ‘My Subscription’

You can now manage your membership subscription, click the ‘Change payment’ button in the ‘actions’ column to update your payment method.

You can also switch from Auto renew to manual payments and Cancel or Renew your subscription.

3. Fill in your PayPal or credit card details and click ‘Change payment method’

Editing your public Member Profile

1. Login to the Members’ Area

For full details on how to login see ABOVE.

2. Click on the ‘View and edit member profile’ button under the ‘manage my profile’ heading

3. You now have access to your profile settings, click ‘edit’ to make changes to your public profile.

You can also change your profile photo and cover image here.