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Peninsula Writers’ Club is made of emerging and established writers of all abilities and ages on the Mornington Peninsula and surrounds. We are a passionate group of writers who gather regularly to write and workshop in company, offering fellowship, feedback and focus. New members are always welcome.

Where and when we meet

Our regular meet-ups are once a month on a Friday from February – December for WriteIns at Seawinds Community Hub
We also host NightWrites at Mt Martha House.

These are a chance for paid members to write alongside each other in a group environment and enjoy writing in fellowship.

Our workshops are held in response to member feedback and interest. We actively apply for and investigate grants for writing workshops and forums

Visit our events page for more info.

Mosey along to any of our events. Bookings and registration information below.

We’ve set the standard for putting community and support back into Writers Groups and writers of the Peninsula. However we aren’t a manuscript assessment service or a job board for writers.

Our happy list of how we help one another

Finding focus

Sharing experiences

Celebrating publishing successes

Encouraging new opportunities

Trouble shooting writers block

Suggestions for helpful contacts m

Downloading the ‘imposter syndrome’ fears

Connecting the writing community

The Peninsula Writers’ Club is a hive of enthusiasm, support and inspiration. I love meeting up with fellow writers to share ideas, works in progress and our writing journeys. As well as the wonderful authors that the PWC has organised to come and talk to us, or workshop with us, it has also given me an invaluable network of friends and writing enthusiasts that make this business of writing less solitary. I am extremely grateful for the hard work of its volunteers, and also for the encouragement, inspiration and support of all its members. Thank you!

– Lou Green

Why Join?

Our inclusive community is a tight-knit, supportive group of people who want to build their own writing skills, develop connections, and feel some sense of accountability while writing in company when the going gets tough.

You work through enough doubt and uncertainty when you’re a writer, but hanging out with others locally when you need support and answers sure makes that road easier.

Meet other writers like you in the community

Network and share contact and resources

Get involved in vibrant discussions about developing character and plot

Learn more about improving your writing from fellow writers.

Step away from the desk and blow out the cobwebs

 How much does It cost?

We offer paid membership packages.
This is currently an annual fee of $50 or $40 for concession card holders. These are renewed annually, 12 months from your time of purchase. 

For new memberships we apply a one-off registration fee of $20. 

Join us today, turn up to an event, nibble a few pen nibs and clack away at the keyboard in our company.

Non-members are welcome at some workshops, but individual event fees will apply. Paid members get access to all WriteIn’s and NightWrites plus other perks.

Join the Peninsula Writers’ Club today

Write in company, plan for writing success, enjoy your writing journey in company.
Click on the link below that applies to you for the full list of membership inclusions and sign up forms.

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