Digital Writers in residence

Sharing stories of the Mornington Peninsula

As a writing community we have the opportunity and privilege to create, characterise, capture and share with others the stories of our history, landscape, personalities and mythology.

The Peninsula Writers Club will open up the Digital Writers in residency program 4 times a year to members to articulate and document the essence of the Mornington Peninsula. This exciting digital writing project enables our talented community of writers to publish their fictions and non-fiction pieces, as well as ‘take over’ our social media accounts during a short period as well.

The Digital Writers in residence program is a seasonal, unpaid initiative with set application criteria.

This season’s Digital Writer in residence is:

Summer Season: Coming Soon

In their own words ….


I studied Arts/English at the beautiful, supportive and inspiring LaTrobe Bundoora University. I’d have stayed there forever, learning my little heart out, but circumstances concluded my studies at pre-honors. Without the beautiful, supportive and inspirational local writing groups (such as PWC), I’d be one lost and lonely little writer! The clubs and collectives we have down here fill the void, bring like-minded creative creatures together and more..

– Kristy-Lee Swift

Want to become a Digital Writer in Residence? 

It’s a great way to experience the joy of being published, and sharing your work with others.

You simply need to write a 450-750 word piece with some sense of reference to the Mornington Peninsula. Your creative expression is respected, we just ask that you be respectful to others in using language or content that may cause concern.


Terms of submission

1. We accept submissions all year round

but only publish 4 times a year to match the seasons Summer, Autumn, Winter Spring. 2019 submission and deadline dates to be announced soon.

2. This opportunity is open to writer’s over the age of 15

and if you’re still kicking at 100 then you get priority publishing!

4. The form asks for a summary of your piece

or what you intend to write about

5. Once accepted we will give you 1 month to write and submit

6. Submissions need to range from 450-750 words

7. Writers are asked to provide some reference to the Mornington Peninsula

in copy – either through place, person or speculation

8. It is not necessary to write the whole piece focussing on the Mornington Peninsula

as long as our patch gets some small cameo or nod, that’s fine by us

9. Your piece can be fiction, non-fiction, essay or poetry

10. Your published piece will also feature an image of you

11. You retain the copyright for your piece

which will feature as a key article for 4 months, then will be moved into our accessible archive sections

12. We hand over the keys to our social media accounts

for you to have a small 1 week window to document your writing and observations. This applies to our Instagram and Facebook account only. If you do not feel comfortable accessing our social media, that’s all right by us too.

13. Your article will feature links to any of your on-site writing links or bio’s

Sounds good? Great!

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  • If you have a website, public social media accounts
  • No more than 100 words