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Andrea Louise Thomas

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Andrea Louise Thomas


I’ve been a professional writer for 17 years. I interview people and write their stories for magazines. I also write, teach and perform poetry. I’m new to writing short fiction. I’m also working on developing a novel of general fiction. So far I’ve won awards for poetry and fiction, but still emerging as I see it.


General Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories, Non Fiction

Why Do You Write?

It’s who I am.

Have you been published before?


If yes, where have you been published?

Paradise Anthology, Offset, Page 17, Writers from the Peninsula, Beautiful Storm, Peninsula Essence magazine, Mint magazine, Pearl magazine, Mornington Peninsula magazine, Good Life magazine, Visitor magazine.,

What are you currently working on?

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry

What are your long term goals?

Publishing across 3 genres

What is your writing regime?

I aim to write six days a week.