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Debra Mar


My love of writing began as a child. I remember reading my first novel (forget the name of it) where there was a descriptive paragraph detailing a young women laying in a meadow wearing a blouse and skirt looking up at the sky. Simple as that may seem, it triggered something and I was hooked on writing them then on.
My writing journey has been long and varied. Starting later in life, I wrote stories about people who live on the Peninsula in a local magazine called Peninsula Essence. I wrote news scripts for the local radio station RPP FM and updated their website with news items.
I joined the Peninsula Writers’ Club at conception in 2017 and enjoy the encouragement, guidance and support provided by the group.


Short Stories, Non Fiction

Why Do You Write?

Pure escapism.

Have you been published before?


If yes, where have you been published?

In a book titled 'Celebrating Women' compiled by the Kyabram Town Hall Writers' Club

What are you currently working on?

Short stories to be read as podcasts

What are your long term goals?

Write a book

What is your writing regime?

Going to my Summerhouse at least once a week to write in my journal.