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I have a name that sounds like it’s straight out of a Bond movie – people laugh at it and I’m here for whatever makes people happy.

An avid spider avoider, for the past decade I’ve managed to carve out a productive career as a freelance writer and sub-editor, while at the same time staying on high alert for arachnids.

I have worked on scores of arts-related exhibitions for both emerging and established artists, including: ‘Mambo: 30 Years of Shelf-indulgence’, various activations at Vivid Sydney, and Reg Mombassa’s ‘Psychedelic Realism’.

I’ve also written copy for advertising campaigns, media releases, social media, stories and websites, for dozens of clients including Nickelodeon, for whom I wrote over 300 articles relating to children and parenting.

My play ‘Celebrity is the New Bleak’ was performed at the Victorian Arts Centre as part of ‘Short + Sweet’ festival, and one of my stories was turned into a short film called ‘No Returns’ by a group of talented friends.

I’m also the co-founder of the Stellar Short Film Festival, a premium outdoor short film festival celebrating the 12 best Australian short films from the previous year.

In my spare time I lurk around literary and film festivals, soaking up the creativity and letting people laugh at my name.


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