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Louise Zedda-Sampson


I’m a freelance writer, researcher and editor from Melbourne, Australia.
I edit for publishers and individual authors, working with writers of many genres and all levels of experience. Publishers and publishing professionals that I have worked with include IFWG, Things in the Well and Animal Dreaming Publishing, and since 2014 I’ve edited over a hundred manuscripts ranging from non-fiction works to speculative fiction novels and collections. My editing expertise is structural editing and manuscript assessment. I offer advice on structure and flow for non-fiction books and publishing projects, and plot, characterisation, point of view (POV), tense or overall feedback for fiction manuscripts and short stories. I also offer copy/line editing and blurb and author bio writing and editing services.
My writing interests are as diverse as my editing ones. I write short stories and non-fiction, with my work appearing in anthologies, journals and magazines. My latest publications have been an anthology (as an editor), stories that have included ghosts, and history articles about women’s cricket. Who knows what I’ll write next.


General Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories

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