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Tessa Moriarty


Tessa is a semi-retired mental health professional who has always loved to write, but only in recent times given herself permission to do so.
She lives in Somers with her husband and tries to welcome each day as a privilege and a blessing. Through writing Tessa wants to share the brilliance of the everyday. The small, difficult and wonderful moments in our lives that connect us as human beings. A developing writer, only just becoming, she looks forward to the opportunities and experiences pf being a part of the Peninsula Writers community.


Poetry, Non Fiction

Why Do You Write?

To share the way in which I experience and see the world

Have you been published before?


If yes, where have you been published?

Professional sites such as the Nurse & Midwife Support. The Human Writer. In a forthcoming book on communities coming together in the pandemic.

What are you currently working on?

A book on clinical supervision, short stories and memoir pieces.

What are your long term goals?

Write and share what I write with others.

What is your writing regime?

I process write (journal, morning pages), from 6 – 7.30am and then 8 – 10am on current writing projects. Afternoons I write for professional organisations.

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