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Vanessa Parsons


Vanessa has worn many different hats in her life: primary school teacher, life coach, choc top ice cream factory owner (a bit like Willy Wonka), mother of three children, and owner of various pets (including a wombat). These rich and varied life experiences provide the inspiration Vanessa loves to turn in to children’s picture story books that both entertain and encourage conversation. Her first two picture story books are Mighty Marvin Mouse and The Rainbow Connection.


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Why Do You Write?

I write because it brings me joy and because I believe picture story books are powerful tools for encouraging conversation with children.

Have you been published before?


If yes, where have you been published?

I have self published and co-published with Little Steps Publishing.

What are you currently working on?

A few children's picture story books

What are your long term goals?

To finish the cup of tea I am drinking. Yes, that's about as long term as I do.

What is your writing regime?

I mainly write when I feel the urge to get to a pen as quickly as possible.

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