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Having written within formal, professional contexts for several years (I have a dozen clinical papers published within peer-reviewed journals), I’m now moving into newer creative territories.

Yet, once upon a line I was a poet. In 1997 I won first prize in the Poetry section of the ‘ Karrinyup Writing Competition’ and published in their collection; and I’ve had poems published in ‘Spindrift’ (No. 10, 1996);  ‘Ars Poetica’ (Vol 4, 1997); ‘Centoria’ (No. 6, 1999) with others poems in privately published group anthologies.

As an artist/illustrator I’m now enjoying the discovery of mixed forms of creative expression, choosing to move beyond genre-constrictive expectations. I’ve just discovered zines; and have always journalled – having amassed dozens of clinical, personal, travel journals and visual diaries.

In most human cultural contexts words, symbols and imagery go together, and my future intent is to present work that combines these successfully and unexpectedly. In particular, I’m fond of maps – in their creation, their politics, their design and in their lateral potential. For example, in the way maps can interpret other aspects of the world, and how each mappy image tells a story. Multiple stories, even. It’s about consistently re-imagining what we think we know – about any thing – and reinterpreting this within wider constructs; mappy or otherwise. And, it’s essential to maintain access to these discoveries, for anyone.

My writing highlight for 2021 was being nominated as PWC’s “Autumn Digital Writer in Residence” and I enjoyed challenging myself to submit pieces as diverse as possible – please see these listed pieces under “past writers in residence” on the PWC website.

My writing highlight for 2022 was making the longlist for the ‘Furphy literary awards’; see https://www.furphystory.com.au/furphy-literary-award/the-awards/ for mention of my story ‘Terror Australis’.

I’m also currently involved with the Ephemera Society of Australia (ESA), in writing some of their newsletter copy, which is published in hardcopy format and on the ESA website. This important cultural group celebrate the significance of daily ephemera, for current and future historical and cultural purposes.

As you’re still reading, thank you for your kind interest and the opportunity to allow me to share. I believe writers have a pivotal voice in inspiring new thought and expanding ideas through their story telling, and it’s a wonderful privilege to be part of this. Writers view the world through their own subjective reality yet always consider how it could otherwise be improved.

Indeed – Writers wrock!


General Fiction, Biographical, Science Fiction, YA, Kids Books, Poetry, Short Stories, Non Fiction

Why Do You Write?

To examine/explore the way things are and could otherwise be; and to share new insights with anyone interested.

Have you been published before?


If yes, where have you been published?

Poetry as mentioned above; and I also have a ResearchGate profile at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Wendi-Bradshaw

What are you currently working on?

Creative non-fiction and fiction; short stories; works with illustrations; a book in progress.

What are your long term goals?

To complete the pieces started and be diligent in ascribing myself daily writing time

What is your writing regime?

Purposeful, sporadic and spontaneous. Trying to be more routine.