We are grateful to many of our members for sharing their work with our community through our events.


We share their talented writing their permission,

Enjoy these extracts from our A Woman’s Place collaborative oral reading:

“This is My Voice / Mornington Peninsula Woman”.

The Stingray by Miranda Gillespie

I go down to the bay in the dark.  We meet at the pier; dressed alike in our second skins.  The sun begins to come up somewhere behind Arthurs Seat, air-brushing the sky turquoise.  We shiver and wrap our bare arms around ourselves while we wait for the stragglers;...

Secret Keeper by Danielle Burns

And Yes, I am the housekeeper. Chief cook and bottle washer - that’s me too. We all know I live to do laundry! And while we’re at it  - any gardening, tidying, cleaning or shopping that needs to be done hey, I’m your girl! But why stop there? It’s a well-known fact...

Legacy Lady by Andrea Rowe

I am the dust on the mantle, the sepia steely-eyed matron. I am the memory of Committee Presidents, the name on Honour Boards, saluting legends, leaving legacies. The plaque in the park. The bequest to a town. The clipboard ticking Mistress who would not let them...

Writing woman by Liz Hicklin

The voice of a retired widow, with time to indulge in the glories of our Peninsula. I wake every morning to a view of the bay; fishing boats, still on glass, cruise ships leaving, distant view of the You Yang’s, sail boats bobbing in the evening. University of third...

The Guardian by Rebecca Fraser

I am a Guardian. Like my mother and her mother, and her mother before;
Nurturing, protecting, weaving
the tapestry of family and community with small, tight stitches.

Women of the Peninsula, these are our voices.

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