We are grateful to many of our members for sharing their work with our community through our events.


We share their talented writing their permission.

Enjoy these stories from our past Writers in Residence.

‘What the Night Snow Knows’ By Wendi Bradshaw

As far as I could tell she was part of the furniture, the infrastructure of the place. Ancient she seemed then – probably no more than 45 years old, to my reckoning from now. Although, the few wisps of soft hair that were visible beneath her tight, starched cap were...

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‘Lady in Yellow’ By Wendi Bradshaw

'Lady in Yellow' by Wendi Bradshaw For Liz Hicklin, Poet and Writer They met within the cool bright dawn of youth, souls aligned, attracted. The rich history of literary words and history, literally, lyrically drew lover to muse. Even then portentous symbols divined...

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Bearings to a New Island Life By Wendi Bradshaw

Around this place time is in flux. Like the thoughtful quiver of a compass needle it can move slowly, long damp days of stilling sea mist. To swing and spin back in sudden bursts of purpose, quick vibrant snap flashes of memory, live and clear. Until again the west...

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Summer Love By Carolyn Nicholson

Charlie allows the book she is reading to fall into her lap, kicks her legs back and forth a few times before tucking them under her body and leaning back into the cushions to enjoy the feel of her pod chair, swaying in the warm, early evening breeze. Listening...

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Summer Job By Carolyn Nicholson

'I can’t believe you got a job.  Jemima moans, as she swipes through her Instagram feed whilst lounging, lazily on Lizzie’s bed. ‘You’re gonna miss most of summer.’ ‘I need the money.’ Lizzie replies, pulling a crisp, white shirt over her head. ‘You know how hard the...

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Summer Holiday By Carolyn Nicholson

‘Seriously, Scott. You’re acting as though I’m asking you to go to Mars for a month. It’s the bloody Mornington Peninsula. The playground of Melbourne’s rich and famous, café’s on every corner, beautiful beaches, wineries and loads of breweries. Remember the Bass and...

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Summer’s End By Carolyn Nicholson

  Despite feeling the February sun’s rays burning the back of her neck, making Shani wish she’d taken the time to apply sunscreen all the way round, she gently tucks a woollen blanket across her father’s legs. Shani, who was christened Sharon but, for reasons she...

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Big Day Out by Kim Robyn Smith

‘Come on, Margaret,’ Joan said. ‘Just walk out with this group.’ With Joan at her heels, Margaret obeyed and shuffled out with the aid of her walker. The two elderly friends tottered down the footpath and turned into the main street of Hastings. ‘Let’s look in the...

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