We are grateful to many of our members for sharing their work with our community through our events.


We share their talented writing their permission.

Enjoy these stories from our past Writers in Residence.

‘Community Participation Tokens’ by Sarah Bacaller

To participate in society, please insert three tokens.  Money. The commodity that shapes our lives. The key to full engagement in society (it seems) and the source of so much stress. We’re constantly told it’s getting harder and harder to make money, keep money and...

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‘Identity Confessions…’ by Sarah Bacaller

But you are a living vessel, a breathing archive… I wanted to be white. I was seven years old and mad keen on cricket. All of Australia’s players looked white and I didn’t resemble them. I feared—with imminent fury—being perceived as less Aussie, less real, than...

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‘A Dastardly Design’ by Sarah Bacaller

We’d zig-zagged our way across the Peninsula today – from Main Ridge to Balnarring, Mount Martha to Mornington. Time for our last job of the day. Only Wendy and I remained. Ordinarily there were four of us, but Gina was sick and Charlotte had left early. The sun was...

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‘Threads’ by Tessa Moriarty

It’s all you want for them, isn’t it, as a mother, a parent? To be happy in what they do, healthy, good in their heart, and to outlive you.  I only have two. Both boys.  Actually, they’re young men, and the eldest a parent himself now.  But I ‘ve always been more...

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‘The Garden of the Moon’ by Danielle Davey

He’d regarded it (pleased at the metaphor) as the ultimate trompe-l'œil, smiling as he recalled snippets of the brief, since etched-to-memory, report he’d found in The Argus some years ago. An exciting titbit sandwiched between the dry political news ...’Her...

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