Winter Words Week 1: Calm by Rebecca Fraser

by Aug 10, 2020 | Featured Stories


Read the 150 words (or less) works of our weekly winners who were given specific place, character and word prompts to write to.
This was a People’s Choice voting initiative for our members during lockdown.

Word: Calm
Place: Red Hill
Character: Mythical character

Shadows dance across the forest floor as the sun probes the canopy with golden fingertips. Between corrugated trunks of towering pines, the hulking form of a jungle cat emerges, alert to the sounds and smells floating on the early morning breeze from the showground beyond.
The Peninsula panther crawls forward, powerful limbs propelling her through the undergrowth. She watches through amber eyes as stall holders unload their wares. The first Red Hill market of the season. Her stomach growls. Winter has been lean.
Sunlight glints on chrome as the first cars arrive, parking in regiments, spilling out humans. She can smell them: plump-fleshed, sweat-sweet, blood-blossomed. One cuts from its parents, heads towards the forest fringe, chubby legs pumping.
The sheen of her midnight coat ripples as the panther slinks forward. Calculates the