Winter Words Week 2: Revealed by Joe Novella

by Aug 10, 2020 | Featured Stories


Read the 150 words (or less) works of our weekly winners who were given specific place, character and word prompts to write to.
This was a People’s Choice voting initiative for our members during lockdown.

Word: Revealed
Place: Mornington
Character: Fisheries and Wildlife Officer

Voting is a People’s Choice ballot.

Johno gently lowered the seal into the water. “Goodbye, my love.” The seal lingered, staring back at him with liquid-black eyes before vanishing into the deep. Once again he was alone. He recalled their first meeting, a decade ago, he was on midnight duty scouring the beaches of Mornington for Abalone poachers. He found none, but what he did find was a discarded seal skin, unbloodied, still warm. He remembered hearing a voice, musical like whalesong. “You have my skin,” it said.
“Fisheries and Wildlife Officer!” he’d warned.
And out into the moonlight had come the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, naked save for a kelp headdress. “I am of the maighdeann-ròin. Return my skin so I may go back to my kin.”
A yearning revealed itself inside his heart. “I cannot.”
“Then I am bound to you, but I will never love you until you let me go.”