Winter Words Week 4: Sufficient by Anna Shelley

by Aug 10, 2020 | Featured Stories


Read the 150 words (or less) works of our weekly winners who were given specific place, character and word prompts to write to.
This was a People’s Choice voting initiative for our members during lockdown.

Co-Winner: Anna Shelley.

Word: Sufficient
Location: Searoad Ferry
Character: Hippie

She tried hard. She got married, had a child, and tried to hold down jobs in human rights and social justice. She used alcohol to erase the past so she could live in the present. In the end, all she had was self-loathing, fear, and an alcoholic haze.

I spent the last six months of Mum’s life nursing her. Now that was over, the grand houses of Portsea disgusted me. You never know what horrors happen behind closed doors.

I sat on the foreshore and lit a joint. In a moment of cultural-appropriated guilt, I shaved off my dreadlocks the previous day.

The Searoad Ferry pulled in and I got up to walk towards it. When it was my turn, I showed my one way ticket. It was just me and my pack. A few clothes and a lightweight tent was sufficient. I was heading west and not coming back.