Winter Words Week 5: Arthurs Seat by Muriel Cooper

by Aug 10, 2020 | Featured Stories


Read the 150 words (or less) works of our weekly winners who were given specific place, character and word prompts to write to.
This was a People’s Choice voting initiative for our members during lockdown.

Place : Arthurs Seat
Character : Teenager

The teenage boy dreamed on the old green sofa under the overhanging rock at Arthur’s seat. His drool congealed onto the filthy fabric. He and a mate dragged the sofa there to drink and smoke the odd toke. The sun couldn’t brighten the dismal scene of discarded bottles, cans and cigarette butts. The boy dreamed on. He was the skateboard champion, he was the guy the cool girls wanted. He was fit and tanned and life was awesome. He smiled in his sleep. That’s how they found him, smiling on the old green sofa. His last moments were of happy times that never were, and now would never be. The paramedics removed the strap from his arm and loaded him into the Stokes stretcher. He was lifted up the cliff. At last, he was flying.