We are grateful to our members for sharing their talented writing through our annual programs. Our Bendigo Bank Digital Writer In Residence program showcases writing talents of our local members. 

Enjoy these stories from our current Writer in Resident.


This Season’s Digital Writer In Residence is: Wendi Bradshaw

‘Lady in Yellow’ By Wendi Bradshaw

'Lady in Yellow' by Wendi Bradshaw For Liz Hicklin, Poet and Writer They met within the cool bright dawn of youth, souls aligned, attracted. The rich history of literary words and history, literally, lyrically drew lover to muse. Even then portentous symbols divined...

‘How to Find a Poem – With a Nice Pen’ By Wendi Bradshaw

I like pens. Fountain pens. Sleek and shapely, made from a range of materials, contemporary and curvy, or traditionally classic and slipstream smooth. When my new one arrived, I was keen to try it out. I picked up a sheet of paper from the recycle stack and started...

Bearings to a New Island Life By Wendi Bradshaw

Around this place time is in flux. Like the thoughtful quiver of a compass needle it can move slowly, long damp days of stilling sea mist. To swing and spin back in sudden bursts of purpose, quick vibrant snap flashes of memory, live and clear. Until again the west...

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