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Enjoy these stories from our current and past Writers in Residence.

This Seasons Digital Writer In Residence is:

Carolyn Nicholson

Carolyn Nicholson

PWC Digital Writer in Residence

Carolyn is a writer, a NFP Business Operations Manager and a community volunteer. She lives on the Mornington Peninsula with her music loving husband, gaming obsessed teen and a dog who’s scared of everything.

Carolyn loves to write stories about women and those who love (and sometimes hurt) them.

Genre: General Fiction

What are you currently working on?Carolyn is currently working on her second novel and developing her short story writing skills.
What are your long term goals?Before the pandemic Carolyn would have said “to be a published writer” now she is focused on embracing the joy of the writing itself

Stories by our Current & Previous Digital Writers in Residence

Summer’s End By Carolyn Nicholson

  Despite feeling the February sun’s rays burning the back of her neck, making Shani wish she’d taken the time to apply sunscreen all the way round, she gently tucks a woollen blanket across her father’s legs. Shani, who was christened Sharon but, for reasons she...

Summer Holiday By Carolyn Nicholson

‘Seriously, Scott. You’re acting as though I’m asking you to go to Mars for a month. It’s the bloody Mornington Peninsula. The playground of Melbourne’s rich and famous, café’s on every corner, beautiful beaches, wineries and loads of breweries. Remember the Bass and...

Summer Job By Carolyn Nicholson

'I can’t believe you got a job.  Jemima moans, as she swipes through her Instagram feed whilst lounging, lazily on Lizzie’s bed. ‘You’re gonna miss most of summer.’ ‘I need the money.’ Lizzie replies, pulling a crisp, white shirt over her head. ‘You know how hard the...

Summer Love By Carolyn Nicholson

Charlie allows the book she is reading to fall into her lap, kicks her legs back and forth a few times before tucking them under her body and leaning back into the cushions to enjoy the feel of her pod chair, swaying in the warm, early evening breeze. Listening...

Big Day Out by Kim Robyn Smith

‘Come on, Margaret,’ Joan said. ‘Just walk out with this group.’ With Joan at her heels, Margaret obeyed and shuffled out with the aid of her walker. The two elderly friends tottered down the footpath and turned into the main street of Hastings. ‘Let’s look in the...

CYCLE CULTURE by Kim Robyn Smith

They gather at the Homemaker Centre. Large groups congregate, dictated by ability. Pink lycra- clad ladies hover in anticipation of the beginner’s cruise.  The cyclists meander out onto the Nepean Highway. A single bright beam streams from the front and rear of each...


‘Hurry up, Jade!’ said one of the boys behind me. ‘Just wait!’ I said. Several kids pushed in excitement, eager to have fun on the school excursion. Miss Hammond told us to be patient. We piled out of the bus. I held my hand to my forehead like a sun visor and looked...

New Experiences by Kim Robyn Smith

‘Well, aren’t you going to help me?’ Gennene cried. She wrestled with flaps and folds of the lightweight tent. ‘Nope.’ ‘Why the hell not?!’ Gennene said. ‘And by the way that’s a rhetorical question!’ Phil answered anyway. ‘You know I hate camping, Gennene. You can...

Aussie Tucker by Kim Robyn Smith

Aussie Tucker ‘We’re Bogged? Here on the side of Moorooduc Road?’‘Yes, Jodie, that’s what I said!’ Brett ran his hand through his thick hair.They stared at the food van.‘We can’t just leave it here!’ Jodie cried. ‘We’ll get in so much trouble if we don’t arrive at the...

The Wind by Muriel Cooper

The Wind       On a windy day at the Portsea back beach, Grandpa Henry, Connor and Meredith, and their children, Kylie, and Finn are walking along the sand. Henry is carrying a shopping bag.        Meredith says,     “We shouldn’t be doing this, you know. I think...

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