We are grateful to many of our members for sharing their work with our community through our events.


We share their talented writing their permission,

Enjoy these stories from our current and past Writers in Residence.

This Seasons Digital Writer In Residence is:

Muriel Cooper

Muriel Cooper

PWC Digital Writer in Residence

Genre: General Fiction, Thriller, YA, Kids Books, Crime Fiction, Poetry​

What are you currently working on?I am currently working on book 2 of the Lucid Series called ‘Recovery’ plus a mental health handbook ‘Getting Your Head Together’.
What are your long term goals?To have all three novels in the ‘Lucid’ series published and also my young adult novel ‘The Wound’.

Stories by our Current & Previous Digital Writers in Residence

The Swim by Muriel Cooper

The old beagle looks up from his basket. His muzzle grey and his eyes bleary.“Come on, Barney, my old darling. Time for your walk.” He perks up when he sees the lead, his tail wags, he struggles out of the basket and licks her hand as she clips it on his collar.  They...

The Ladder by Muriel Cooper

She remembered the steep ladder leading down from the cliff to the beach, and the cave where countless fires had been lit, blackening the roof.  You could sit in there and watch the sea when it wasn’t occupied by drunken teenagers or drug-affected hippies. She hadn’t...

Unsigned by Paul Wattie

Andrea Rowe looked at the sheet of paper, scanning the names again, searching for the one name that was missing.“And you’ve got no idea who it was?” Rebecca shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. “I was so focused on what our guest speaker was saying that I didn’t...